Products> 05-09 USDM Subaru Legacy (United States Domestic Market)

2005-2009 Subaru Legacy Custom Dual Color Halo Kit
  Model: 05-09LGTDHK
Type: High Output LED Dual Color Halo kit
Product Description
The Latest, brightest LED halo kit, twice more power than CCFL ones. The best part of this is Dual color set up. You can wire it to:  Light up in white and blinks in amber/ Light up in white only/ light up in amber only. It's eye hurting if you look direct to the LED halos. They are so bright you can see them light up even during the day time. This kit will come with the quick disconnect t tap connectors and you can tap into the signal wires neatly.
Note: This kit will require you to bake open your headlight, mount the halos, run the wires out and reseal the headlights. If you are not sure how to make it work, please find someone has experience with lighting modification to perform the installation for you.