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2005-2009 Subaru Legacy Dual Color Signal Bulbs+ LED Plug and Play Relay
  Model: 05-09LGTDCFSPG
Type: Dual Color Front Signal LED bulbs Pair + LED Relay
Retail Price: $75
Sale Price: $ 65

Product Description
A Pair of Stylish Dual Color Front Signal LED bulbs, light up in white and blinks in amber. Enhance the look dramatically without risking for a violation/ ticket. It also comes with a plug and play LED relay for your swap out the OEM one. It will fix the fast blinking issues that LED signal lights give you. (Fast blinking seems ok in the beginning but it gets quite annoying as time goes by). You can also change out your rear signal lights and this LED relay will cover that as well. No splicing hot resistors to have messy wiring. A nice and clean way to upgrade your Legacy