Products> 05-09 USDM Subaru Legacy (United States Domestic Market)

2005-2012 Subaru Legacy/ Impreza Super Bright Dual Color LED Strips
  Model: 0512LGTDCLS
Type: Custom Dual Color Flex LED Strip ( Pair)
Retail Price: $95
Sale Price: $82
Product Description
Our New arrival- Pair of Super bright Dual Color ( White/Amber) LED flexible strip for custom Retrofitting in your headlight. You want a true unique look but you don't want the same style LED like they use everywhere else? This is the choice!

1. Brighter than the typical LED strip and the CCFL light, use the latest LED chip to create the brightest power witn its small foot print.
2. Extremely flexible with silicone sleeve, you can blend it 360 with no problem, able to follow any curves of your headlight. 
It comes with little tiny transparent plastic clips with screws. You screw the clip on the surface and snap the strip on the clip and it will stay at that position, no double sided tape or adhesive. 
3. Unique light pattern, wide angle like a very high power CCFL, but has amazing flexibility combined with an extra amber color for you to use as signal light. 
4. Dual color in one tube, controlled by 3 wires, one is for white, one is for amber, the other one is ground which must be connected all the time.
5. Comes in 24" which is more than enough for 90% of the headlights on the market, you can cut it down to any length, not every 3 leds like the other DIY leds.
6. This will require some creativity and some hand on skills, not recommended for beginners