Products> 05-09 USDM Subaru Legacy (United States Domestic Market)

2005-2013 Subaru Legacy High Output Premium HID kit
  Model: 05-13LGTHIDH7C
Type: High Output Digital Canbus ballasts with Premium HID bulbs
Warranty: 3 years
Product Description
You are right, there are hundreds of HID on the market. If you just purchase some random HID kit without prior experience, most likely you end up having a kit that's not bright enough or the bulb/ ballast keep burning out. We had tested many HID ballasts and Bulbs from many suppliers and finally source the best combination in terms of power, price and great reliability. In fact we sell all types of HID and had installed on more than 100 set on local customers vehicles with extremely high satisfaction rate. In our opinion this is the best value HID kit you can get in the market. You can come see a demo at our facility if you are interested. This Legacy HID kit has built in Canbus function ballast that will eliminate your flickering problems from Day time running lights. No Splicing wires or any modification is needed. It's standard 35 watt with great light output, out performed other Claimed to be 55 watts HID kit. We do not carry 55 watt kit since 35 watt is more than enough for regular driving purpose. 55W runs extreme hot, it may melt the headlight housing and has shorter life span as well. Buy it right or buy it twice, this applies on the HID kit for sure.  Installation available by appointment.