With the Subaru Impreza WRX carving the way for increased exposure of  the Subaru product line in America the Subaru Legacy gained in both  sales and popularity.  Unfortunately the aftermarket performance parts   industry did not accommodate the Legacy leaving owners one choice to customize there vehicle; JDM (Japanese Domestic Parts) spec parts.  As JDM parts are often used, sold at exorbitant prices, and present fitment issues. R-Rev Sports was founded to resolve these issues and go well beyond.

Focusing primarily on the Subaru Legacy from 2005 to present R-Rev produces a range of functional and aesthetic line of aero products that offer a high quality, great fitting, and low cost option to the JDM.  Our product line has grown substantially as it reaches interior and exterior corner of the vehicle with a range of durable and exotic materials including carbon fiber, polyurethane, aluminum, and high density polymers. We also offer the latest LED and HIDs for all automobile applications. We have many satisfied local customers since we provide installation and modification as well.


  Here at R-Rev Sports we don’t only produce innovative and quality parts  but also have the same passion in driving these amazing machines. We work hard to bring satisfaction to all our customers and share the same passion as them.